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Baby Shower & Launch of Shoestring Soirees!

April 21, 2009


A Zen backyard gets a touch of whimsy.

A Zen backyard gets a touch of whimsy.



About two weeks ago, a friend asked for my help in planning her godsister’s baby shower. Knowing that I have a knack for decorating and putting on stylish events, she desperately needed my creative skills on a limited budget. Wanting to spend about $100, she asked that I execute the decorations for the party for 15 people, which was given the theme of “Alice in Wonderland.” Once we purchased the party favors, plates, and plastic glassware, not much was left in the budget (these things add up quickly). So I dug into my extensive paper crafting supplies, and Shoestring Soirees was born. For a fraction of what party goods stores charge for what are essentially disposable items, I created whimsical accessories that added a personal touch to the event. It also didn’t hurt that the baby shower was held in a beautiful setting–a spacious Zen backyard garden in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. To avoid clashing pastels, we went with a white, soft green, and yellow color scheme. The weather turned out better than expected, so instead of drinking hot tea we opted for mimosas. Overall, it was a lovely day full of wonder and celebration for a glowing mom-to-be.